Indian College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

Advancing Standards of Education and Healthcare Practice.

Dr. Mandakini Megh, Course Director

It gives me immense pleasure to launch this online Educatino Portal. Having worked in Rural area and having seen issues faced by Doctors in hinterland, I am convinced, ICOG should provide convineint mode of knowldege upgradation to doctors. Doctors in hinterland face travel, time and cost constraints in their way to upgrade their knowlegde. What if we can make available knowledge shared by eminent Obstreticians and Gynaecologists to desktops and mobiles of these doctors?  This is the genesis of this Online Education Portal.  I appeal all of you to take advantage of this initiave by ICOG and share it with others

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january, 2022

Welcome New Students !

This weeks new joinees.

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